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Hello, fellow contestants! Are you ready to spin the wheel and hop into GAMESHOW’s mini-games? We sure are, and we want to make sure you’re prepared too, so we’ve put together a look at what you can expect the host to throw at you once the show begins.

Each competition features four teams of four. While you and your teammates will work together, there are a few that rely on you, or your buddies, being the last ones standing, and we’ll have new game modes dropping every other week to keep you on your toes. Here’s how you and your team can stay a step ahead of the competition.

Musical Madness_edited.jpg

Musical Madness

It’s a game of musical chairs. Seems easy enough, right? Well, once the platforms shoot up and the closest chair is 100 feet in the air, it gets a bit more complicated. Obviously, seating is first-come, first-served, and you don’t want to be fighting your own teammates for a spot in the next round. Divide and conquer, and make sure you’re ready to put your butt in a chair when the music stops. Wall-jumping is a make-or-break skill in this game mode, and remember, you can shift your direction a tiny bit when you double-jump to get to that tough-to-reach top of the tree trunk.

Conveyor Chaos

Show off your inner James Bond as you dodge laser beams and any other obstacles the host fires your way! With friends and foes alike alongside you on the conveyor, space is bound to be tight, so you have to make a choice: Stay ahead of the competition and risk reacting too late to what’s landing in front of you next, or hang back and let others jockey for position. The best strategy is a bit of both. Spread out from teammates to make sure that one tricky situation doesn’t spell doom for the whole squad, and look for ways to keep your opponents from owning too much of the conveyor too. Make your choices quickly, and take advantage of your double-jumps and dashes as often as possible; that’s lava at the end of the belt!

Conveyor Chaos 2_edited.png
TNT Toss with Explosion_edited.png

TNT Toss

What a dynamite game mode! TNT Toss is hot potato the way the host likes it, with fewer potatoes and more explosions. If you start with the TNT, chase down someone who doesn’t have it, stick your pack to them, and run away fast. If you don’t have any boom sticks strapped to you, then just do that running away part. There are plenty of elevated surfaces on this map, so think vertically as you try to get away too.

Doom Dash

Don’t let the dash part of the name fool you. This mini-game is all about balance. In order to avoid the gaze of the host’s giant robot – and the lasers that will hit you if you’re caught by the bot – you’ll need a mixture of good timing, fast decision-making, and skilled movement. Read up on the GAMESHOW movement mechanics if you need a refresher, and make sure you’re taking advantage of both the terrain and all your skills to sneak past the host’s defenses and make it to the finish line.

Doom Dash_edited.jpg

That’s all for now! Remember, new mini-games will drop every other week, and we’ll be breaking down the latest updates alongside Karl Jacobs and KreekCraft as new additions come along. Be sure to follow Pixel Playground on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, and we’ll see you at the GAMESHOW.

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