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Hi there, intrepid contestants! The devs asked me to stop by and introduce myself before you get started on GAMESHOW


My name’s Blue, and yes, I’m a balloon, but I’m also your guide to all things GAMESHOW and will probably be your best friend by the end of this chat.


Me and Pink – that’s the balloon that’s watching from the stands while you compete down in the mini-games – are here to make sure you have an amazing time on GAMESHOW. And also make sure you don’t get blown up! That happens in some of the games. It’s sad. We try to avoid it. 


Anyway, our job is to show you the ropes and help you understand everything going on from the time you set foot in the GAMESHOW studio to when you inevitably become the lone survi–er, winner!


If you ever have a question about how things run around here, I’m your guy. Pink is more here for moral support, and there are a few others that you’ll meet soon too! And then there’s The Hostil–



Sorry. I mean, I’m a balloon. My language skills aren’t great. Heh. And I take my job very seriously, so I don’t want you guys and girls getting the wrong idea!

Blue (Balloon) 4.png

Anyway, The Host is in charge around here. He built the games, set up the obstacles, gathered up the grand prizes, all of it. He’s everyone’s best friend and the reason we’re all here. Yep. The only reason. We’d probably all be free to go if he ever gave up that host seat. Heh. Heh heh.


That’s enough about me for now! I’m excited to get you ready to dodge some lasers and throw small-grade explosives and whatnot! Oh, before I go, the devs had this thing I needed to say. Very important stuff. OK, here goes.


Be sure to follow Pixel Playground on YouTube, Instagram, and X, and we’ll see you at the GAMESHOW!

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